The mission of The Feminist Wire is to provide socio-political and cultural critique of anti-feminist, racist, and imperialist politics pervasive in all forms and spaces of private and public lives of individuals globally. Of particular critical interest to us are social and political phenomena that block, negate, or limit the satisfaction of goods or ends that humans, especially the most vulnerable, minimally require for living free of structural violence. The Feminist Wire seeks to valorize and sustain pro-feminist representations and create alternative frameworks to build a just and equitable society.

The founding of this site was inspired by a deep sense of crisis, shared by many, regarding the state of the U.S. nation and society at large, including popular misperceptions about the achievements of feminist critique and practice. Some of the concerns that we believe need immediate attention are:

  • Our shattered political culture brought on by our country’s political regimes to pursue wars in the name of nation and democracy while at the same time abandoning a vision of social justice at home and abroad.
  • The threat to democratic possibilities induced by rampant corporatism and unbridled neo-liberal economic practices; as an accompaniment to the latter, American society is permeated by propaganda most demonstratively expressed by media sources defined by a commitment to unrelenting right-wing doxa.
  • The lapse of sustained citizen participation, engaged dialogue, and the ongoing dismantling of the public sphere.
  • The threats to women’s reproductive freedom and health, exacerbated by violence directed at medical personnel and health-care givers, and as exemplified by misogynist Religious Right propaganda and public policy.
  • The failure of America’s political class to act honestly, democratically, and boldly in the current political climate and to do so along a series of faultlines and stress points, i.e., comprehensive immigration reform, campaign finance reform, health care, economic justice, and industrial policy, among them.
  • The impact of neoliberal policies on girls, women, and non-normatively gendered bodies throughout the world; the dangers besieging the most vulnerable because of cultures of war, militarism, and patriarchy.
  • The dangers of “presentism” unleavened by a respect for national histories as these conjunct with and shape other national histories, elsewhere.
  • Recognizing differences, we reflect on the global impact of patriarchy and structural violence, highlighting intersections, interconnectness, and potential for coalitions and mutual solidarity.

Each of these issues has the potential to open out into many others.  It is our intention that The Feminist Wire will intervene by making common cause with voices and visions similar to our own.

We are accepting only in the following three categories:  Arts & Culture; Emerging Feminisms; and Personal Is Political. We are not currently accepting essays, interviews, or other genres that do not fit into one of these categories.

Please note that we are currently a non-paying market.

The Feminist Wire is proud to publish outstanding works by established and emerging artists in our Arts & Culture section. We feature poetry, fiction, memoir and drama, as well as visual art, film, design, and works that cross generic boundaries. Our Arts & Culture section showcases the works of artists at all stages in their artistic lives. Our “Spotlight” series features innovative work by celebrated writers, poets and artists; our “Suites” series collects the works of several emerging artists thinking through similar themes. We also publish in several other formats, including genre-bending forms like the lyric essay, and short poems or flash fiction pieces on compelling feminist themes. We invite you to take a look, and submit your work!

NOTE: ALL Poetry should be submitted to the Arts & Culture column. Hence, please review each category carefully to make sure you're submitting your work to the appropriate reviewers.

Personal Is Political (PIP) honors personal narrative as a source of theory and analysis, politics, pedagogy, and survival. More specifically, in keeping with the feminist tradition of naming the private as a site no less political than the public, PIP features first-person essays, autobiographies, testimonies, and memoirs that revere and elevate the lived experiences of feminists throughout the world while simultaneously offering critical analyses. We are also open to non-textual forms, such as video or audio submissions in this category. Additionally, PIP submissions may exceed The Feminist Wire’s typical 1,500-word limit if/when necessary as determined by the editorial team and Associate Editor Heidi R. Lewis.